HAJLA: Located in the north-west of Peja or in the north of the mountain area of Rugova, the peak of Hajla, which reaches a height of 2403m, is one of the most fascinating and attractive peaks to climb in all seasons of the year. At the same time, this peak is occupied by many mountaineering groups organized by mountaineering associations and other societies, as well as nature lovers from Kosovo and international ones who trek on the inter-border paths Peaks of the Balkan and Via Dinarica. In contrast, professional climbers who aim to conquer the world’s highest peaks perform exercises to reach the condition of this peak. This peak share the border with the municipality of Rozhaj in Montenegro. Therefore, its conquest is realized by many mountaineers and climbers from the Montenegrin side as well.


It can be climbed from Reka Allages, Koshutani 7171, or Shkreli. The three paths that lead you to the ascent of this peak are perfectly designed, directing your walk in the most beautiful mountain parts, in parts with the biodiversity of flora and fauna (it is an area known for the Alpine Starflower or as it is known Edelweiss ), through the pastures in the parts that offer spectacular views of the Nemuna mountains, the views of the peaks Gjeravica, Guri Kuq, Çfërla, Marijashi and up to the attractive peaks in the area of Albania and Montenegro, etc. Now the inhabitants of these villages have created tourist offers that offer accommodation and traditional food to make your trip even more attractive and full of local experiences.



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