Flying over the city of Peja is an entirely different experience from other recreational experiences offered in the town of Peja. Experiencing Peja from the ground is a unique experience, but sharing it from the air is an experience that will always remain in your memories. The beauty of the city, the river which flows along the town dividing it into two parts, the green parks and oases, the panorama of the Rugova Gorge and the crowns of the mountain peaks, the mountain peaks over 2000m and many other attractions can be experienced entirely differently through the activity of paragliding or even para-motor flight.

The flight started to develop relatively early in Peja sometime in the 50s as a recreational activity and as a sport, and nowadays, this activity is also offered for tourist activities, and many visitors from different parts of the world who visit Peja are pretty curious to experience this tourist offer. This activity is offered from other places, like Maja e Zezë (Black Height), which is located in the north of Peja, and the flight from there is very attractive as it gives you the opportunity to experience the city of Peja from above and the next point is in the Lipa mountain which is also an attractive point with stunning views from the Drini i Bardhë waterfall and the Dukagjini plain where you can see other municipalities such as Istog, Klina, then from the mountains of Rugova and Bjeshkët e Nemuna, from the top of Guri I Kuq 2552m and Çfërles 2461m etc.

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