Rugova Mountain

The mountains in the surrounding region are very beautiful, but the mountains of Rugova are famous by their unique characteristics. This mountainous region has an indescribable but experiential potential that offers tourist opportunities for all ages, from children to the elderly. It has biodiversity that offers opportunities for the development of all types of tourism, while it is also characterized by very easy access and is the main gateway to the national park Bjeshkët e Numuna (Eng. Accursed Mountains).

And indeed, the mountains of Rugova are natural paradises which in every season and almost every day are unique, offer attractive panorama, while many visitors of different ages who visit this mountainous region feel many experiences that remain long in the memory of them but also many of them come back to experience these natural beauties again.

Lies in the north-west of Peja and start only 2km away from the city center, while they are also known as the gateway to the national park Accursed Mountains. They are connected to the Rugova Gorge and in order to reach this destination you have to cross and also experience this gorge as a unique attraction.

In almost the entire area of Rugova Mountains you can come across the wonders that are hidden under the mountain wildness. There are the magnificent Liqenati lakes found at an altitude of 1860m, the Lumbardhi river, the beautiful and attractive waterfalls in Rugova Gorge and in the village of Malaj and Shtupeq i Madh, flora and fauna spread throughout the mountains, the beauty landscape of the Guri Kuq peak 2522m (Eng.Red Stone), Hajla peak 2403m and other landscapes that you can experience from different part of this mountains.

Now, these mountains have turned into tourist destinations where many visitors throughout the year spend their time resting or share different experiences through outdoor activities. The offer consists of three levels where there are daily, weekend, weekly adventure activities and the 2-week as “Peaks of the Balkans trail, Via Dinarica trail and Accursed Mountains Exquisite Outdoor Destination network trails” that connects the offer of Rugova with the cross-border mountain areas of Plava, Guci (Montenegro) and Theth and Valbona (Albania).

This mountainous region offers a number of outdoor recreational activities. Visitors who visit Peja and seek active holidays have the opportunity to experience outdoor activities such as: excursion and hiking in hills of Peja, Hiking in mountain trails, skiing, cross-country biking, Via Ferrata, spelunking, rock climbing, paragliding, conquering mountain peaks over 2000m, while in winter season you can go skiing, snowshoeing, alpine climbing etc.

While also for passive vacationers and elderlies, this mountainous area offers opportunities to stay while enjoying the fresh air of the pines and the relaxation of nature. Local residents have created a very attractive offer and offering their houses for accommodation as guesthouse. What made this mountain area even more special is the culture and traditions of the local community, which have been preserved and passed in generations for centuries and are still present today. Prominent are the Traditional Games of Rugova, where there are five categories which are played, the traditional costumes of men and women, then Rugova dance with swords which is unique, folk music and epic historical and legendary songs that are played with the sounds of the lute which is a traditional instrument, characteristic music with tree leaves, as well as other traditions that take place during various ceremonies such as weddings.​

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