Rugova Mountain

The mountains in the region are magnificent, but the mountains of Rugova stand out with their unique characteristics. This mountainous region has an indescribable potential that offers tourism opportunities for all ages, from children to older people. It has biodiversity that gives opportunities for developing all types of tourism and simultaneously has effortless access. It is the main entrance gate to the Accursed Mountains National Park. And indeed, the mountains of Rugova are natural paradises which in every season and almost every day are unique, offer attractive views while many visitors of different ages who visit this mountainous region experience many experiences which remain long in the memory of them, but also many of them return to experience these natural beauties again. They are stretched in the northwest of Peja, start only 2km from the city centre, and are also known as the gateway to the Bjeshkët e Accursed Mountains National Park. They are connected to the Rugova Gorge; to reach this destination, you must cross and experience this gorge. In almost the entire area of ​​the Rugova Mountains, you can find the wonders hidden under the flora’s mountain wilderness. There are magnificent lakes located at an altitude of 1860m in the Lakes of Kuqishta, the river Lumbardhi which is a unique attraction and has a very steep flow during the spring, beautiful waterfalls in the village of Malaj, flora and fauna scattered throughout the region, the panorama of the massif of Guri I Kuq, Hajla and other panoramas that you can experience from different mountains. These mountains have become a tourist destination where many visitors relax or share various experiences through outdoor activities throughout the year. The tourist offer for this mountain destination extends to three levels where daytime adventure activities are offered, for weekends, weekly and up to 2 weekly “Balkan Peaks” that connect Rugova’s offer with the cross-border mountainous areas of Plava, Gucia (Monte Negro) and Thethi and Valbona (Albania).

This mountainous area offers many outdoor recreational activities. Visitors who intend to visit Peja and seek active holidays could experience outdoor activities such as excursion and mountaineering, hiking, mountain and plain cycling, Via Ferrata, speleology, rock climbing, paragliding, conquering mountain peaks over 2000m, during the season in winter you can go skiing, snowshoeing, alpine climbing on mountain peaks etc. While for passive vacationers and older people, this mountainous area offers opportunities to enjoy the fresh air of the pines and the relaxation of nature. Locals have created quite attractive offers and are offering their homes for accommodation. What makes this mountainous region even more remarkable is the culture and traditions of the local inhabitants, which have been preserved and passed down from generation to generation for centuries and are still present today. Prominent are the Traditional Games of Rugova, where there are five categories which are played, the traditional costumes of men and women, then Rugova dance with swords which is unique, folk music and epic historical and legendary songs that are played with the sounds of the lute, which is a traditional instrument, characteristic music with tree leaves, as well as other traditions that take place during various ceremonies such as weddings.

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