72 hour in Peja


You will start your experience at 530m above sea level, the city’s centre, and reach the culminating point in Peja, which is Guri i Kuq, at an altitude of 2522m.

You should spend the first day getting to know the city of Peja, the history, cultures and traditions of this place and the attractive beauty that this place offers. You will start your experience by visiting the cultural trail in Peja from the city centre. This path contains 14 points of immovable heritage that present Peja and its development in different periods, starting from those of Iliro Dardane and up to the present day. Among the points you will visit are: The old houses of the city, the tower houses, religious objects such as the Catholic and Orthodox mosque and churches, the hammam, the mill of Haxhi Zeke, etc.

While in the Museum of Peja, you can learn about the culture and traditions of the inhabitants of this city, which are presented through artefacts. On this day, you can also visit the city park (Karagaqi Park) and continue to the health trail, a recreational trail that runs along the Limbardhi River to the entrance of the Rugova Gorge.


You start the second day with the mountain activity to conquer one of the attractive peaks of Peja, which are:
Guri i Kuq 2522m, Çfërla 2461m, Hajla 2403m, or Vjellaku 2004m. All these peaks are beautiful, and each one is unique regarding the fantastic experiences and views they offer. As per the tradition of mountain climbing in Peja, the departure for conquering the mountain peaks should be made after drinking the morning coffee in one of the bars in the main square of Peja. If you decide to climb the Red Stone
or in Hajle, then you need transportation to the designated points, while for the climb to the other two peaks, Çfërla and Vjellaku, your walk starts right from the city centre without the need for transportation.


The third day is a day of relaxation and experience. On this day, you can do all the work in peace. Your visit to Ujvara Drini Bardh will be a relaxing experience while experiencing beautiful nature.

And the scenery of this waterfall and the beauty of the Sleeping Beauty cave were created over millions of years. In the afternoon, we suggest you have some adventure activities like Via Ferrata, Zip Line, paragliding or even cycling in the flat parts of the city and rural areas.

If your stay does not fit the above descriptions, write to us in the email below so that we can help you more to design your trip in the best way and suitable for the time you have, for your age, your family or even your company.

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