Rugova Gorge

Rugova Gorge is the beauty of the mountainous region of Rugova and the pearl of Peja, which begins only 2 km away from the city centre of Peja. It has a length of 12 km from where it starts to open in the mountains of Rugova. The Lumbardhi River, which originates in the Bjeshkët e Nemuna Mountains (Accursed Mountains) and is also created by the springs and streams of the Rugova rivers and streams, divides this mountainous area into two parts and, at the same time, winds along the Gorge to then pass through the city centre and connect with the river Drini I Bardh, which also has its source in Peja. Lumbardhi has a length of 56 km, and its characteristic is the great rush of water which divides this Gorge into two parts giving it grandeur with colossal rocks which reach a height of up to 1000m. What makes the Rugova Gorge even more beautiful and exciting are the waterfalls which flow right from the middle of the rocks creating magnificent landscapes, as well as the different types of flora which also grow right in the middle of the stones showing the greatness of nature and the beauty of this Gorge.

By evaluating the natural potential, geological, hydrological, landscape, speleological, botanical, and environmental importance and seeing the possibility of presentation as a unique attraction which will affect the rise of values and tourism development in Peja and Kosovo since 1988, Rugova Gorge has been protected as a “Natural Monument”. Today Rugova Gorge is visited throughout the year by tourists worldwide and locals who carry out recreational activities every day. It is unique, and in every season of the year, it shows its value, while the spectacular views of this gorge change almost even during the daily hours. An integral part or icon of the Gorge is the Arched Stone Bridge, a cultural heritage under protection and located at the 5th kilometre of the main road Peja-Rugova. This arched stone bridge is presented as a symbol in the coat of arms of the municipality of Peja and is used as one of the points of the identity of Peja. Also, the beautiful landscape of the Gorge and the bridge can be found in the logo of the best beer in Kosovo, “Birra Peja,” produced in 1971. The development of recreational paths of Via Ferrata has created the possibility that the Rugova Gorge will experience even more by enjoying the heights from where you will have spectacular views of nature. In contrast, through the Zip Line, you will share a flight experience of 640m along the Gorge. Also, fans of cave adventures can visit here one of the most attractive caves in Kosovo, known as the cave “Gryka e Madhe (Great Gorge)”, which contains magnificent views inside, stalagmites and stalactites, waterfalls, streams etc. or climb the rocks.

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