Speleology is an activity that started to be developed in Peja quite early and there is a lot of baggage in this field, both in cave research and in the guiding of tourist groups. Almost every year, different teams of speleologists arrive in Peja and do research in the caves of Peja, and this has been going on for years because here are discovered large caves that require long time and expertise to research. The two main and most attractive caves in the western region of Kosovo are located in Pejë and are located in the most attractive tourist spots such as Rugova Gorge and Drini Bardhë Waterfall.

The “Great Canyon” cave, which is located in the Rugova Gorge, 8 km away from the city of Peja, is a mega attraction which is under continuous research by speleology experts from different countries of the world. This cave has so far been explored up to 16km of channels and its research is still ongoing and will last for many years. It is distinguished by the amazing beauties that are found in it, such as channels and galleries (rooms) with large dimensions that contain natural creations with millions of years of stalagmites, stalactites, etc. What made this cave interesting is also the presence of water in it where during your expedition you will be able to see small lakes, water streams, small waterfalls etc. This cave is unique and ranks among the 10 caves in the world because it has a vertical ascent that reaches over 300m. To carry out the expedition in this cave, you must be an organized group and have some experience in recreational activities.

While the other cave is located in the village of Radac near the waterfall and source of Dirn i Bardhë, 11 km away from the city of Peja. This is also a very attractive cave, otherwise known as “Sleeping Beauty”. This cave, after small interventions in the infrastructure that have been made, has managed to be opened and offered to visitors throughout the year, but this cave is also used for educational activities which are organized with schools, etc. Even in this cave there are different galleries in which there are stalagmites and stalactites which offer amazing beauty created by nature over the years. The entire cave consists of three parts: the entrance channel, the central gallery and the channel for the baths. Archaeologists present it as a cave that was once habitable.

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