Rugova Lake

If you are interested in Kosovo and Peja to find information on the Internet, then first you will be presented with the mountainous area of ​​Rugova (Bjeshkët e Nemuna- Accursed Mountains National Park), with a nature full of beauty and natural landscapes, mountain vegetation, vibrant flora and fauna, waters, waterfalls, springs, rivers, etc. But what made this mountainous region even more unique by raising its natural values ​​are the two Rugova lakes at an altitude of over 1800m. It is a destination that must be visited, while to see and experience these two lakes, your starting point will start from the well-known neighborhood of the village Lake of Kuqishtë, situated at an altitude of 1680m. After a leisurely walk with an average length of 2 hours, you will reach the target point, Lake of the Liqinat.

Liqenati Lake

(Lake of Kuqiste or Great Lake) is a rare natural beauty, a beautiful lake untouched by human hands and filled with water from crystal clear springs and rainfall created by snow during the winter. It presents a lake perfectly integrated with nature, making this place very attractive and unique for visits. This Lake you have now reached and are experiencing. It lies at an altitude of 1860m, while its surface goes an area of 40X60m with a depth of up to 7m. It is worth mentioning that in this Lake lives the creature in the form of a lizard known as Triton. It is a tailed amphibian with a length of 11cm to 18cm. During the spring and autumn, it lives in the lake water; in winter, it leaves the Lake and moves somewhere inside the forest where there are wet and shady places to return to in the spring. During your walk to the Lake of Drelaj, you will encounter a lovely path which passes along an alpine mountainous area combined with high vegetation such as rain forests, pines etc., but also with low vegetation where during your pilgrimage, you will encounter mountain fruits like blueberries, blackberries etc.

Drelaj Lake

(Small Lake) is located at an altitude of 1800m and is created by collecting rainfall water. The best period to visit is spring because of the abundance of water to see the beauty of this Lake. Its blue color is like the human eye’s color, and looking at it will make you happy. During the pilgrimage, before you reach the Lake of Drelaj, there is a water source which, according to the shepherds, is the best source in the whole territory of Rugova. These are the two most beautiful lakes that make these mountains unique, and many visitors throughout the year visit them and have a lovely time on these lakes. The valley of Shkodra is part of the lake path that connects the mountains of Peja with those of Deçan and Plava. Apart from being an attractive natural part, it has its national history as part of the connection of the mountainous areas between the territories of the Bjeshkët e Nemuna (Accursed Mountains) villages between Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. It has been a connecting road of trade caravans and a connection between the Albanian populations in these mountainous areas. In the part of the tourist village, Thethi is located “Çafa e Pejës” (Saddleback of Peja), which shows that in the past, these places served as critical points for the connection of population between them.

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