Peja is known as a not very big city comparing with European cities, but it is a city with a very attractive environment where the river Lumbardhi passes through dividing the city into two parts, while the crowns of the mountains which stretch in the western part create the panorama of this city. The access to this city is easy, but what makes it more attractive is the possibility of using a bicycle by all ages to visit the various places of cultural and natural heritage by giving it special values in Kosovo in terms of tourist city.

The offer of recreational cycling in Peja is presented at three levels:

1. City bike adventure

Nowadays in the city there are installed signs for cultural heritage, so your journey will be easy but also very attractive, learning as possible the ancient history of Peja as well as the centuries in which this city has been developed. In addition to the cultural trail, visitors can also enjoy the attractions that are located near Peja, such as the Rugova Gorge, the Health Trail, or spending time in the Karagaqi Park, which is a very attractive park with great natural values.

2. The mountain biking adventure

The mountain biking adventure is also very attractive. You can start from the city of Peja and then continue along the Rugova Gorge, which is an area under protection by law due to its natural and landscape values, then continue to the Rugova Mountains or even to the territory of the Accursed Mountains national park. This offer is very attractive for lovers of mountain biking and offers suitable paths to spend a day or even 1 week through the Rugova Mountains and the Accursed Mountains. Now the cross border offers connecting the paths between Kosovo and Montenegro and Albania have been developed, offering unique experiences. Paths offered passing through local roads with less traffic or even in the deep mountain shepherd paths and are very attractive in terms of biodiversity.

3. Dukagjini biking adventure

Dukagjini biking adventure. This is a very attractive and adventurous offer. It offers opportunities to visit some municipalities in the western region of Kosovo and at the same time your experiences will be complemented by visiting the heritage of this region and experiencing the beauty of the villages in the deep areas of Dukagjini that you will pass through. These trails are designed to connect the 6 municipalities of the Dukagjini region and are also recreational trails that are available for all ages as well as for families. The design of these paths is done in the parts where the traffic is less.

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