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Are you thinking about visiting Peja or you are currently in Peja?  This page can offer you the opportunity to organize your trip in the best possible way with full experiences. But, even if you have other specifics such as transport or other internal information about Peja and other attractions, contact us at any time via email or social media, and we will try to offer you information based on our experience.


About Peja

Peja is a tourist destination with significant cultural and natural diversity, so your trip will encounter many evocations and experiences.

During the time you will spend in Peja, you will have the opportunity to learn about different experiences of history, cultures, and traditions that have developed in various periods from Illyrian times to the present day, while for you nature lovers, experiences you will benefit from visiting the most untouched areas of the Rugova Mountains and the Accursed Mountains National Park, getting to know the great natural diversity and even conquering peaks over 2000m will offer pleasure which we are sure you would share it with family, friends and others through your stories. Peja is also known as a place of outdoor recreation, so it is not possible to come to Peja and not do any of the recreational activities offered in this destination. You can start from the educational walks along the cultural path, benefiting from knowledge and experiences about our country, to continue with walks in the city parks, excursion hikes or recreational hikes that offer hills of Peja, and then continue with weekend and up to 12-day mountains hiking offers, which include crossing the state borders through the trails “Peaks of the Balkan, Via Dinarica or Accursed Mountains Tours”.

For all adrenaline lovers, Peja is a perfect destination that offers great experiences of outdoor adventures such as Via Ferrata, Rock Climbing, Zip Line, Spelunking, Adventure Park, mountain biking and low-land cycling, paragliding, winter snowshoeing, ski touring and skiing. These are just some of the activities that you can enjoy during your stay in Peja. But it is also the nightlife which offers opportunities for you to spend beautiful hours with full fun and enjoyment with your friends or even among other local society. Bars located in different parts of the city offer very attractive environments, while restaurants for food lovers offer traditional and international menus prepared very delicately and full of taste for your pleasure. So, being in Peja is not just a visit, but also a benefit of new experiences, pleasure which will always remain in your memories.

We wish you a lovely stay in Peja.

The City of Peja

Peja – (known also the flower of Dukagjin), ranks among the big cities of Kosovo, but compared to the cities of Europe it is relatively small but very adorable city with easy movement for all ages, panorama view of the Rugova mountains while the Lumbardhi river that passes through the city brings fresh air from the Rugova Gorge where residents spend their free time walking along the promenade by the river. Peja lies in the west side of Kosovo and is the gateway to the national park Bjeshket e Nemuna (Eng. Accursed Mountains). Otherwise, it is also known as the “Green and Vital Destination”, since 75% of the territory is covered with green areas. The entire territory of the municipality is 603 km2, while only the city has 20 km2. It is bordered by Montenegro on the state borders, while on the municipal borders with Deçan, Istog and Klina municiplaity. The community of the city of Peja is very active and full of youth, while sports and recreation is a special value of this city. Peja is the city of 3 Olympic medals, namely in the sport of Judo, while in the field of art it offers big names who have left their mark in Kosovo and in the world.


The mountains in the region are very beautiful, but the mountains of Rugova are famous by their unique characteristics. This mountain region has an indescribable potential which offers touristic opportunities for all ages starting from children to the elderly, it has a biodiversity that offers opportunities for the development of all types of tourism, and it has a very easy access and is the main gate to the national park Accursed Mountains.

And indeed, the mountains of Rugova are natural paradises which in every season and almost every day are unique, offer attractive views, while many visitors of different ages who visit this mountainous region touch many experiences that remain long in the memory of them but also many of them come back to experience these natural beauties again.


This is Peja

The City of Peja

Peja: The Dukagjini Flower is ranked among the big cities in Kosovo. Compared to the cities of Europe, it is relatively small but very loving and with a slight movement for all ages in the town and its surroundings...

Rugova Gorge

Rugova Gorge

Rugova Gorge is the beauty of the mountainous region of Rugova and the pearl of Peja, which begins only 2 km away from the city centre of Peja....

Rugova Mountain

Rugova Mountains

The mountains in the region are gorgeous, but the mountains of Rugova stand out with their unique characteristics. This mountainous region has an indescribable potential that offers tourism opportunities for all ages...

Rugova lakes

Rugova Lakes

If you are interested in Kosovo and Peja to find information on the Internet, then first you will be presented with the mountainous area of ​​Rugova (Bjeshkët e Nemuna- Accursed Mountains National Park), with a nature full of beauty and natural landscapes, mountain vegetation, vibrant flora and fauna, waters, waterfalls, springs, rivers, etc...

Drini i Bardhe Waterfall

Drini i Bardhe Watrfall

The natural beauty and tourist attraction of the Peja municipality is another destination you should visit is the "Drini i Bardhë Waterfall". It is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Kosovo ...

Karagaq Park

Karagaq Park

Karagaq Park (from Turkish-Black Mountain) is an attractive natural beauty created by man and complemented and energetic for years by nature itself..

Cultural Trail

Peja – the flower of Dukagjin, ranks among the big cities in Kosovo. Still, compared to the cities of Europe, it is relatively small but adored and easy to move around for all ages in the town and its surroundings. The picturesque view of the mountains of Rugova and the river “Lumbardhi”, which passes through the city and brings fresh air from the Rugova Gorge, where residents spend their free time walking on the riverside promenade, are two values that make Peja a unique city in Kosovo. Peja lies west of Kosovo, the gateway to the Bjeshket e Nemuna national park. It is otherwise known as the “Green and Vital” city, as 75% of the territory is covered with green areas. The entire region of the municipality is 603 km2, while only the city has 20 km2. Montenegro borders it on the state and municipal borders with Deçan, Istog and Klina. The population of Peja is very active and full of youth, while sports and recreation in parks and nature are a unique value of this city. Peja is a city of sports and 3 Olympic medals, namely in the sport of Judo, while in the field of art, it offers excellent names who have left their mark in Kosovo and the world.

Things to do



To visit Peja and Rugova Gorge, it is necessary to try recreational climbing activities, which will give you adrenaline and unforgettable experiences.



Peja is known as a not very big city, but it is a very attractive city and offers a beautiful environment through which the river runs along the centre.


Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata is also an activity that offers experience and adrenaline and is highly demanded by visitors who visit Peja.



Mountain hiking is one of the most popular activities in Kosovo's western region. Peja stands out as it is the gateway to the Bjeshkët e Nemuna (Accursed Mountains) National Park.



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Flying over the city of Peja is an entirely different experience from other recreational experiences offered in the town of Peja. Experiencing Peja from the ground is a unique experience,


Zip Line

To perform this activity, you do not need to have great physical strength or strong muscles; all you need is psychic preparation to convince yourself that you will complete this activity and experience


Ski / Snowshoeing

In addition to Peja, which during the winter is covered with snow and particularly the nights that become an attraction for citizens and visitors is the mountainous area of ​​Rugova which


The Museum of Peja is a cultural-informative institution that operates within the Municipality of Peja, i.e. the DKRS, following its development policies and by the Law on Cultural Institutions, the activity of which is research, collection, preservation, presentation and promotion of the Cultural Heritage of the Dukagjin Plain.



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Tourist Information Guide

Turistic trails map of Rugova

Peja Museum

Cultural trail map of Peja

Peja Outdoors

The traditional games of Rugov


Guri i Kuq - 2522m

GURI KUQ is the highest peak in the municipality of Peja, which reaches a height of 2522m and is also the most attractive peak in Peja. It is located in the central part of Bjeshke i Nemuna or the north-south the mountains of Rugova.

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ÇFËRLA ranks among the most spectacular and attractive mountain peaks of Peja. This peak reaches the Mediterranean height of 2461m and is the second highest peak in the Peja municipality. It is located on the southwestern side of Peja and, together with other mounts, creates the crown and the stunning landscape of Peja

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HAJLA: Located in the north-west of Peja or in the north of the mountain area of Rugova, the peak of Hajla, which reaches a height of 2403m, is one of the most fascinating and attractive peaks to climb in all seasons of the year.

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MAJA E VJELLAKU, or trail number 7166, is part of the mountain ranges that form the crown of the city of Peja and are one of the most attractive peaks for hiking. At the same time, to reach this trail, one must follow the panorama road that crosses the winding road in the hills to Maje e Zeze.

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Maja e Hasani is also a beautiful peak located in the northern part of the city of Peja. The part of the rocky face seen from the town of Peja made this peak even more attractive and stimulated the curiosity of many mountaineers and visitors to climb it. This peak reaches a height of 1900m while its ascent can be done from two sides.

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Bjeshka e Rusolis: is one of the attractive mountains of Kosovo, which lies in the northern part of Peja on the borders with Montenegro. The highest point of this mountain is the peak with the same name as “Maja e Rusolis,” and it ranks among the peaks that reach a height of more than 2000m.

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Trophies won by the municipality

The “Peaks of the Balkans” Trail, a long-distance hike between Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo, is one of the last hiking adventures in Europe. This transnational trail leads192 km through one of the most remote and wild mountainous regions of the Western Balkans

Model municipalities of the European Green Belt

Municipalities are of special importance for the practical implementation of activities on the ground. The European Green Belt Association awards model municipalities as “Model municipality of the European Green Belt” every year. It is assigned to municipalities with outstanding commitment for the European Green Belt as outlined in the criteria for selection.

A maximum of one municipality per year and region (Fennoscandia, Baltic, Central and Balkan) may be awarded as “Model municipality of the European Green Belt”. The respective Regional Coordinator may suggest municipalities or may accept proposals.

The Regional Coordinator examines the proposals according to the undermentioned criteria and informs the Board of the European Green Belt Association of the intention to grant the award. The Board of the European Green Belt Association approves the assignment of the award and the Regional Coordinator implements the actual awarding.

In 2015 the award was presented for the first time to the municipality of Haidmühle in Germany. In 2017 the municipality Leopoldschlag in Austria was awarded. In 2018 the first municipality was awarded at the Balkan Green Belt, the municipality of Peja in Kosovo.

The award does not imply any financial support.

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