48 hour in Peja


Two days is not much for Peja as it has a lot to offer, but you also have a lot to experience in two days.

Don’t forget to enjoy your morning coffee in the beautiful square in the city centre while you will start your experience with the visit of the cultural trail in Peja. The cultural trail contains 14 points of intangible heritage which present Peja and its development in different periods of time, starting from those of Illyrian and up to the present day. Among the points you will visit are: the old houses of the city, the tower houses (Kulla), religious objects such as the mosque and the churches, the hammam, the mill of Haxhi Zeka, etc. While in the museum of Peja, you can get knowledge about tangible culture and traditions of the inhabitants of this city, which are presented through artefacts, as well as the professional tour guides who will explain it to you in this museum.

On the first day, we suggest you also visit the Drini i Bardhë waterfall, which is a gem of nature and is a legally protected area since 1983 due to its natural landscape, spring and waterfall, biodiversity and the cave “The Sleeping Beauty”.

The second day will be a day for outdoor adventure. We suggest you to visit the Rugova Mountains, which is the most beautiful part of the Accursed Mountains National Park. These mountains have wonderful nature with lots of attractive landscapes, rich biodiversity, flora and fauna, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, etc. Attractions that must be visited are the two lakes of Rugova (lake Liqenati and Drelaj). The trail to visit these lakes is not difficult and in an average of 2 hours you will reach the lakes. There are signs all the way to the lake.

If you are unable to go to the mountain, we suggest you to carry out the activity of Via Ferrata, Zip Line or rock climbing, which you can do in the Rugova Gorge. Peja also offers short recreational trails that last 3 to 4 hours and offer natural beauty with a fascinating view of the Peja city. So, based on your recreational abilities you can make a selection because they are all very impressive.

The evenings in Peja are fun and full of relaxation, since you will spend your time in any of the restaurants that offer a very quiet environment and a menu of traditional foods full of flavour, while you can continue your fun in any of the city’s bars to taste local Peja Beer.

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