Drini i Bardhë Waterfall

The natural beauty and tourist attraction of the municipality of Peja, which definitely should be visited, is the tourist area of Drini i Bardhë (Eng. White Drin). Considering the natural, hydrological, landscape, geological and speleological values and the importance of their use for tourism, this area has been declared a “Natural Monument” since 1983.

This unique area consists of three natural attractions such as the Drini Bardhë waterfall, the Drini Bardhë spring and river, as well as cave with unique values in the presentation of natural heritage known as Radac Cave or Sleeping Beauty Cave.

The Drini i Bardhë waterfall is a unique attraction in the municipality of Peja which is visited by local and foreign tourists throughout the year. It is an attractive waterfall with a length of 30m while the amount of water changes based on the season.

The source of Drini i Bardhë is one of the most important sources of Kosovo and one of the sources that supplies a part of the city of Peja with drinking water. It is worth noting that “Peja Beer” is also produced with the water of this source. It originates at the foot of the Rusolia Mountain, from the rock of the Radac cave at an altitude of 586m. In the territory of Kosovo – Drini i Bardhë winds for 122 km in the north-south direction. With a size of 4646 km2, the Drin basin is the largest of the 4 water catchment basins of Kosovo.

The Radaci cave or as it is also known “Sleeping Beauty Cave” is located near the Drini Bardhë waterfall. With its own morphological features, it is arranged with several branches and galleries, halls, corridors and canals. The formation of the cave is related to the hydrological evolution of the western part of the limestone karst of the peak of Rusolia.

Access to the spring or the “Drini i Bardhë Waterfall” can be done from two sides: one side leads from the hydropower plant road to follow the pedestrian path along the beauty of the river Drini i Bardhë under the shade of trees in length up to 300 m, as well as the other access in the direction of the main road where you can approach by car near to the trail to continue walking to the waterfall.

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