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Only 2 km from the city of Peja in the direction of the Rugova Gorge, begins rock climbing routs. Now in this mountainous territory, a total of 10 rock climbing sectors are open, which are known by different names. The areas are easily accessible and contain from 1 to 20 climbing lines with a length of 10 to 280m and a difficulty of 5 to 8b+. The paths are professionally bolted by members of the Marimangat association and supervised by Italian experts, so safety is at the level and checked at the beginning of the season by members of the Peje Marimangat association.

Sector 1 / Te Bazeni – It is the first sector where you can climb. It is a very attractive part because it is located near the public pool where, in addition of climbing, you can also do swim. In the area, 6 climbing routs are open with different heights from 10 to 20m, while the difficulty of climbing is from 5b+ to 6c+.

Sector 2 / 3 rd Kilometer – is the second sector where you can climb. There, for now, only 1 climbing rout is open, which has a length of 35m and a climbing difficulty of 7c+. It is an area with good potential for opening new climbing lines.

Sector 3 / 3rd Kilometer Bridge – It is the third sector which was opened in Rugova Gorge. This area is also very attractive to stay during the day as you are at a height where you have a wonderful view of the Rugova Gorge and the river Lumbardhi. 18 climbing Routs are open in this sector. Their length varies from 15 to 30m, while the difficulty is from 6a to 7a. It is a sector that also offers conditions to spend a beautiful day as it has enough space and privacy while you have a very beautiful view of the Rugova gorge.

Sector 4 / Jezera – is the third sector where you can do rock climbing. It is the most preferred place for climbing. There are 10 climbing paths with a length of 10m to 30m, while their difficulty is from 5 to 7b, you can also camp in this area as the terrain is very suitable and there is drinking water nearby.

Sector 5 / Born – It is the fifth sector for rock climbing which was opened. In general, there are 15 climbing lines which are mostly not difficult (from 5a+ to 6c+). So it is a very suitable sector for climbing even for beginners who want to try and have climbing adventures and also for those who want to develop exercises since the lines have different difficulties and lengths.

Sector 6 / Kilometer 5 – is the sixth climbing sector with a total of 7 climbing routs. It is a favorite place since the lines are different in length from 10 to 70m while the difficulty of the paths is from 5 to 8a+. This sector is also preferred as it is right next to the road and you don' t have to carry your equipment to the climb.

Sector 7 / Marimangave Beach – The 7th climbing area is known as; “Marimangat Beach “; and is located only 100m away from the sixth climbing sector or immediately after the first tunnel in the Rugova Gorge. There
are 6 climbing lines open which have a length of 20 to 30m. It is preferred for professional climbers as the climbing difficulty of 4 routes is from 8 to 8b+.

Sector 8 / Waterfall sector – It is located in the village of Reka e Allaga. It is along the main road which is divided by the river with the same name of the village. More precisely, this sector is located near the waterfall path. In this sector there are a total of 15 climbing paths with difficulty from 6 to 7b+ and different lengths.

Sector 9 and 10 / Drelaj – In the Drelaj sector there are two sub-sectors for climbing. The first sub-sector or sector A is located right in the village of Drelaj on the path that connects to the village of Pepaj. It is the closest sector for the rock-climbing activities and can be seen right from the village. There you can find very attractive climbing lines with different difficulties starting from 6 to 7b+, while the lengths of these routs vary from 10 to 30m in height. While sub-sector B is also located in the village of Drelaj, approximately 20 minutes' walk away. To reach this place, you have to follow the road that connects to the village of Koshutan. To be exact, it is located in the place called Gerla e Koshutanit, which is a very beautiful Gorge, which has difficulties of 6 to 7c+, while the lengths of the paths vary from 10 to 20m.

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