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In addition to Peja, which is covered with snow during the winter and especially at night, it becomes an attraction for citizens and visitors, there is also the mountainous area of Rugova, which offers the most beautiful experiences for all those who visit Peja, especially for fans of skiing.

The tourist village of Bogë

The tourist village of Bogë is one of the most touristic villages in the destination of Peja, which is visited throughout the year and especially in the winter season. It is located 36 km west of the city of Peja and access to it is very easy since the road is all paved and maintained all the time. In this village, there is a developed ski trail and ski lift, which offers good conditions for all ski lovers, starting from those at the basic level to the advanced level. In this village, there are now ski schools where parents who love winter sports can offer courses for their children, starting from basic to professional ones, who with the experiences they can be ready to participate in ski competition. Hiking trails are also connected from this village where visitors can go on daily snowshoe hikes while enjoying the views of the Rugova Mountains. For all lovers of night life and those groups that want to spend time together, socializing and dancing to the sounds of music in this village, various bars and restaurants offer entertainment opportunities where you will also enjoy local traditional food recipes.

Lakes of Rugova during the winter:

A very attractive area for the winter is also the neighborhood of Kuqishte known as Liqenati, which is located in the west-south part of Rugova at an altitude of 1460m. This has turned into a very attractive area offering beautiful natural experiences with a fascinating view of the Rugova mountain range, comfortable accommodation as well as traditional food for all nature lovers. This tourist village is even more specific during the winter season. Its beauty stands out when the tall pines that reach a height of over 20m and surround this tourist area are covered by snow, creating a very warm winter environment for all tourists so that their experiences are unforgettable. What made this tourist area even more unique and offers special experiences for all visitors, are the lakes of Rugova, which are located at an altitude of 1860m. Those who love hiking in nature can go snowshoeing to reach this attractive area where they will find frozen lakes and can even enter the lakes since the ice layer is quite large.

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