Karagaqq Park

Karagaq Park (from Turkish-Black Mountain) is an attractive natural beauty created by man and complemented and energetic for years by nature itself, becoming a value that now affects the identity of Peja and, at the same time, is used to promote a sustainable environment. It is a natural attraction used to the maximum by the inhabitants of Peja to spend time in the beauty of nature, to supply the body with fresh air and also to carry out recreational activities. It changes in every season of the year and is unique in terms of looks but stands out in the autumn season in terms of its colour.

According to some legends passed by older people, we understand that this park was built in 1929. The park was designed by a Russian engineer on the land where the hangars used to be and, at that time, was ranked among the most beautiful gardens. Right in its centre is the lake surrounded by hiking, recreation and running paths which have different lengths and are designed for recreational activities for all ages; in the southern part, there is a recreation ground for children, an exercise corner and a sports field. In its composition is a variety of flora, and under their greenery are also housed various creatures such as reptiles and different types of birds.

Another additional value of this park is many activities are carried out by the athletes, who are there almost every day from morning to evening to conduct their training. Now many other cultural and educational activities are also organized in this park. Among them is the screening of animated films from the “Anibar” festival, the organization of the music festival “Into the Park”, as well as visits from schools where educational topics are addressed.

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