Visas and Entry into Kosovo

For most countries, the visa regime is not applied to Kosovo tourists. But be sure to check the information online on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo website or ask for details at the embassy of Kosovo, located in your country’s nearest point.

Embassies worldwide: In the link below, you can find Kosovo embassies and their contacts in different countries.

Countries that do not need visas to visit Kosovo. see more+

Offical languages

The languages that are officially spoken in Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian. While depending on the municipalities, Bosnian, Turkish, and Roma languages are also spoken.

Currency and Banks

The official currency circulates in Kosovo is the Euro, so all of you who have other currencies should change them to Euros in banks or at specific points where the currency is exchanged. (Exchange) since they do not accept other currencies in other shops or places. The working hours of all banks that offer services are 08:00 to 17:30. All commercial banks have ATMs in it throughout Kosovo, which can be used with international debit and credit cards.

Calendar of official holidays in the Republic of Kosovo

In Kosovo, there are generally 11 public holidays where state institutions do not work during these days. Below is the link you can find the list of holidays.  more+


The Tourist Information Center was established following an initiative of the Directorate for Economic Development of Peja Municipality, aiming to inform as better as possible domestic and foreign tourists about tourism products that Peja Municipality offers in its territory.


The Visitor Center located at the entrance of the Rugova Gorge facilitates access to Rugova Mountains with information, directions, maps, and brochures. Here you can buy souvenirs handmade by residents. For the people who like to have more adventure, you can rent a bike, rent the Via Ferrata and rock climbing equipment, or hire a professional guide to lead you in your daily adventure activity.

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