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Kosovo, as a new independent state declared in 2008, is always working on building the transport infrastructure and creating the best possible conditions for access to the entire territory of Kosovo for all residents of Kosovo, but also for tourists who visit this state. For this reason, it has been ranked among the states in the region with the best road infrastructure compared to neighboring states, where it has built the connection of the highway system that connects the neighbouring states with Kosovo, as well as the connection of cities within Kosovo in order to create a easy traffic as much as possible and more convenient for all residents and tourists. Access to Kosovo can be done by air, rail and road transport.

Air Transportation is carried out through the international airport of Prishtina “Adem Jashari”, which is located 10 km away from the capital city of Pristina and 70 km away from the tourist destination of Peja. For more information you can see the website

Travelling from Airport to Peja Destination: From the airport to reach the destination of Peja you can do it in two ways:
by taxi that you can find at the airport or before your arrival contact the taxis in Peja that can offer you the comfortable transport service (you can find the contacts of Taxi on social networks).
with the public bus that runs from the airport to the main bus station in the capital of Prishtina and then take the bus to the city of Peja. The bus to the city of Peja leaves from Platform No: 1 and there are every 40 min buses during the day. For the travel schedule see the link or the schedule of the Airport – Prishtina line at the link

Shuttlebus Airport – Prishtina – It is a special line that runs every 2 hours starting from 08:00 to 24:00 and vice versa. It is a good opportunity for you to use this public line to reach the central station of Pristina or even other sub-stations as shown in the link and spent some times in capital city of Kosovo

Traveling by train is also one of the attractive options for travel and you can use it to reach the destination of Peja, where during the trip you will be able to enjoy fascinating panoramas of nature and the beauty of authentic villages. Train traffic is carried out at the national and international level as:
• National line from Prishtina – Peja which takes place twice a day and the journey lasts 2 hours

• International line Prishtina – Skopje (North Macedonia) from where you can then travel to other countries of the world

From Peja railway station to reach the city centre you can take a taxi or even walk, since you are only 15 minutes away from the centre. For more information, download the city map at

Traveling by Bus: It is one of the modes of transport that offers fast and easy circulation and is mostly used by the residents of Kosovo. The connection of Peja destination with other cities within Kosovo has a very good operation. For more information, you can find the link
Also there are direct buses from Peja to other neighbour countries and other countries of Europe.

Traveling by car is the most developed transport in Kosovo. Kosovo is ranked as the country with the best road infrastructure compared to neighbouring countries, where it has built a system of highways connecting neighbouring countries with Kosovo, as well as connecting cities within Kosovo to create an easier and more convenient traffic system both for its residents and for tourists.
Access by road transport to Kosovo can be done through the following border points:
North Macedonia: Entry can be made through the “Hani te Elezit” border point, from where you must then follow the highway to Prishtina and Peja.
Albania: Entry from Albania can be done through the border point “Vermica” following the highway from Prizren – Prishtina – Pejë, while through the border point “Çaf-Morina” you can reach through Junik – Deçan – Pejë.
Montenegro: The entry from Montenegro is made from the border point of “Kulla”, which is located in the north of Peja, only 30 km from the city of Peja.
Serbia: Entry through the state of Serbia takes place at the border point of “Merdare” where you must then follow the highway of Prishtina and Peja.
When you enter in link in the end of page you can find information about the National Center for Border Management.

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