Hasan's Peak

Hasan’s Peak is also a beautiful peak located in the northern part of the city of Peja. The part of the rocky face seen from the town of Peja made this peak even more attractive and stimulated the curiosity of many mountaineers and visitors to climb it. This peak reaches a height of 1900m while its ascent can be done from two sides. Mainly the rise is done from the north side through the Lipe mountain, where the climb is straightforward and does not take much time as you can get close enough by car, while the part from the north side is very challenging and requires you to know about mountaineering and rock climbing. Its conquest offers you magnificent views from the Dukagjini plateau and the massif of the Rugova mountains and the Nemuna mountains in general. It is worth noting that in this part, the Alpine Star (Edelwise) flower is present, while during the walk, you can also see other wild animals and birds as it is an area with fauna.



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