ÇFËRLA ranks among the most spectacular and attractive mountain peaks of Peja. This peak reaches the Mediterranean height of 2461m and is the second highest peak in the Peja municipality. It is located on the southwestern side of Peja and, together with other mounts, creates the crown and the stunning landscape of Peja. The views offered from the top of Çfërle are impressive, allowing you to see the landscapes of the Nemuna mountains and the Sharri mountains, attractive peaks such as Gjeravica 2656m and Marijash 2530m, the mountainous parts from Albania and Montenegro, and the plain areas of the Rafs. of Dukagjin. The magnificent view of this rocky massif can be seen from the mountains of Deçan.

The hike to this peak is of medium difficulty (so there is no great difficulty) and can be done by almost all ages with stable physical conditions. The departure is from the center of the city of Peja at an altitude of 520m following the well-known path “Bješkët e Nemuna,” which connects with the part of Montenegro or the path that bears the number 7165 and has a length of 14.2km. The conquest of the Çfërla peak can be made from the part of the Irznić mountain range or from the Kopranik mountain range, which divides at the point known as Livadi I Adil (so up to this point, there is only one path that starts from Peja to connect with the path of Horomocave and the Meadow of Saka, Tarabosh and the Meadow of Adil). Climbing through the way that passes from Stanet e Irzinić, which is located at an altitude of 1800m, offers more fantastic experiences as you can meet residents with whom you can have conversations about the development of mountain cultures, their traditions, taste local food, etc., while the climb through the Kopranik trail will be a wild mountain climb because this area is still untouched and offers mountain experiences. Upon reaching the top, you can choose whether your adventure will continue further into the Nemuna Mountains. This peak provides the opportunity to connect with the Deçan mountains, which are attractive, and then to communicate with the Peaks of the Balkan and Via Dinarica trails. The ascent to this peak can also be made from the mountain of Milishevci, which is a long path.



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