Maja Vjellakut

MAJA E VJELLAKU, or trail number 7166, is part of the mountain ranges that form the crown of the city of Peja and are one of the most attractive peaks for hiking. At the same time, to reach this trail, one must follow the panorama road that crosses the winding road in the hills to Maje e Zeze. It lies in the Northwest of the city with a length of 13.3km and an altitude of 2014m, while the walking duration can be calculated from 3 to 4 hours. The views this trail offers are magnificent and offer the beauty of the landscapes from the Nemuna Mountains and the Sharri Mountains, the mountainous parts of Albania and Montenegro, to the plains of the Dukagjini plateau.

The walk to this peak belongs to the medium difficulty (so there is no great difficulty) and can be done by almost everyone with a stable physical condition. The departure is from the center of Peja at an altitude of 520m. From this point, continue towards the hills of the Maja e Zez locality, located in the Northwest of the city, which could have a better slope, but the walk is done on the city road. After passing this part of the road, the path begins to pass through electric poles, which leads directly to the Peklene pass, where you can take a break as from this point, there are magnificent views of the Rugova Gorge, Guri Kuq Peak, and the town of Pejës, the lake of Radonić and the whole range of Dukagjin. From there, the ascent to the top of Vjellak begins, which reaches a height of 2014m.



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