Rusolia Peak

The Mount ofe Rusolis: is one of the attractive mountains of Kosovo, which lies in the northern part of Peja on the borders with Montenegro. The highest point of this mountain is the peak with the same name as “Maja e Rusolis,” and it ranks among the peaks that reach a height of more than 2000m. The highest point of Rusoli is 2381m (7815ft) above sea level. Maja e Rusoli is one of the attractions of the national park Bješkët e Nemuna and an attraction in Kosovo, which is occupied in different seasons by many mountaineers, mountaineers, and nature lovers. It is a strategic point that connects the mountains of Istog with the mountains of Rozhaj from Montenegro and Peja.

The conquest of this peak can be done from two directions. One can be done by following the road of Gryka e Rugova to reach the village of Shtupeq I made Podi Jakupit, and Shtedim, where you can start climbing, as well as the other direction, following the road of Lipa to reach the peak of Rusolis and continued climbing. From both sides, the conquest of this peak is not difficult. Therefore, this peak is very attractive for every skier or visitor who wants to spend a lovely day in nature, enjoying beautiful natural landscapes and developing recreational activities.



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