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About Peja

Peja is a destination with great cultural and natural diversity, so your trip will encounter many evocations and experiences

During the time you will spend in Peja you will have the opportunity to learn about different experiences of history, cultures and traditions that have developed in different periods from Illyrian times to the present day, whereas for you nature lovers your experiences will benefit from visiting the most untouched areas of the Rugova mountains and the Bjeshkët e Nemuna (Accursed Mountains), the acquaintance with the culture and traditions of the local inhabitants and the great natural diversity up to the conquest of the peaks above 2000m will offer the pleasure and we are convinced that you would share it with family, friends and others through your stories.

Peja is also known as a place of recreation, so it is impossible to come to Peja and not accomplish any of the recreational activities offered in this destination. You can start from educational walks along the cultural path gaining knowledge and experience about our country, to continue with walks in the parks and excursion walks or recreational walks that offer the hills of Peja and then continue with weekend mountain walks for and up to 12-day excursions are offered, which include crossing the state borders "Balkan Peaks, Via Dinarica or Accursed Mountains Tours".

For all adrenaline lovers, Peja is a paradise that offers experiences of outdoor adventures such as Via Ferrata, Rock Climbing, Zip Line, Speleology, Kayak, Adventure Park, mountain and plain cycling, paragliding and hiking, winter hiking and skiing. These are just some of the activities that you can experience during your stay in Peja.

But it is also the night life which offers opportunities for you to spend beautiful times with a lot of fun and enjoyment with your friends or even by joining other local societies. The bars are located in different parts of the city offer very attractive facilities.

So being in Peja is not just a visit but it is an experience, experience, pleasure and benefit of new experiences which will always remain in your memories.

We wish you a nice stay in Peja.

Experience Peja

The history shows that Peja has a very early development. Archaeological facts show that the early ancient settlement was located in the part of the Peja Plain known as "Gradina". Archaeological findings show that this ancient settlement was created on the foundations of an earlier Dardan locality. Peja which in antiquity was known as Siparantum of Dardanis, during the Middle Ages and other centuries we also encounter names like Pentza, Peka, Pech and Forno…

The City of Peja

Peja-Lulja e Dukagjinit (Flower of Dukagjin-nick name) is ranked among the big cities in Kosovo, but compared to European cities it is relatively small but very loving and easy to move for all ages in the city and its surroundings. The picturesque view of the Rugova Mountains and the river "Lumbardhi" which runs through the city and brings fresh air from the Rugova Gorge where residents spend their free time walking on the promenade by the river

Rugova Gorge

Rugova Gorge is the beauty of the mountainous region of Rugova and the pearl of Peja, which begins only 2 km away from the city center of Peja. It has a length of 12 km from where it begins to open in the mountains of Rugova. The Lumbardhi River, which originates in the Bjeshkët e Nemuna Mountains (Accursed Mountains) and is also created by the springs and streams of the Rugova rivers and streams, divides this mountainous area into two parts

Rugova Mountains

The mountains in the region are very beautiful, but the mountains of Rugova stand out with its unique characteristics. This mountainous region has an indescribable potential that offers tourism opportunities for all ages from children to the elderly, has a biodiversity that offers opportunities for the development of all types of tourism and has a very easy access and at the same time is the main entrance gate to the Accursed Mountains National Park

Drini i Bardhë Waterfall

Natural beauty and tourist attraction of the municipality of Peja is another destination which you should definitely visit is the "Drini i Bardhë Waterfall". It is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Kosovo and a unique attraction in the municipality of Peja which is visited by local and foreign tourists throughout the year.

Karagaq Park

Karagaq Park (from Turkish-Black Mountain) is an attractive natural beauty created by man and complemented and vivacious for years by nature itself becoming a value that now affects the identity of the city of Peja and at the same time used to promote a sustainable environment.

Rugova Lakes

If you are interested in the nature of Kosovo and Peja to find information through the Internet, then first you will be presented with the mountainous area of ​​Rugova (Bjeshkët e Nemuna- Accursed Mountains National Park), with a nature full of beauty and natural landscapes, mountain vegetation, very rich flora and fauna, waters, waterfalls, springs, rivers, etc.

Cultural Path

Peja in its history is presented as a city with a very early development. Archaeological facts show that the early ancient settlement was located in the part of the Peja plain known as "Gradina".Archaeological findings show that this ancient settlement was created on the foundations of an earlier Dardan locality. Peja which in antiquity we know as Siparantum of Dardanis, during the middle ages and other centuries we also encounter names like Pentza, Peka, Pech and Forno. So, all these facts show that Peja has been a very well organized settlement and here is developed an organized life at a higher socio-economic level. Peja also has its history of development in different periods and almost every period has left its traces where visitors can experience the whole history, cultures and traditions as if they were in different times. In history, Peja is also known among the cities which have played an important role at the national level. This diverse city is also called the city of Haxhi Zeka, who was a patriot and activist of the Albanian National Cause. Haxhi Zeka is known as the founder of the League of Peja. You can find all this history presented in the cultural tourist path in the city of Peja in different ways as historical objects, presentations in the museum of Peja, in the daily life of the citizens or even through photos. 

Things to do

Your age is not important at all, all you need is a little strength and psychical preparation to experience the adventures and adrenaline that recreational activities offer in Peja.

Peja, which situated in the western part of Kosovo, is the gateway to the Bjeshkët e Nemuna (Accursed Mountains) National Park and the Rugova Gorge, along with the Rugova Mountains,is known as a paradise for fans of recreational activities and adrenaline in nature. Easy access, variety of vegetation, soft and suitable terrains offer opportunities for mountain hiking during the spring, summer and autumn seasons and, particularly for elderly people, while the high alpine areas where mountain peaks reach altitudes above 2000m are attractive very much to all lovers of mountain adventure and mountaineering. All these terrains are also attractive for mountain biking and lowland cycling fans. Rugova Gorge is a natural gem, while the rocks that divide this gorge into two parts offer opportunities for rock climbing and Via Ferrata. The caves located in this gorge, perticuoarly the caves "Gryka e Madhe" (Great Gorge) and that of Radac "Sleeping Beauty" offer adventure experiences for all curious visitors to the underground. Peja and the Rugova Mountains can also be experienced from the air. For this, paragliding, paramotor and hot air ballooning activities are offered.

Also, the winter season is quite attractive. The terrains with suitable slopes offer very good conditions for skiing in the village of Bogë while the paths which connect the villages along the entire territory of Rugova and Bjeshkët Nemuna (Accursed Mountains) are suitable for snowshoe hiking, ski-mountaineering and beautiful winter adventures. Welcome to the paradise of adventure and outdoor recreation.

Welcome to the paradise of adventure and outdoor recreation.


Hiking is one of the most popular activities in this mountainous region. The trails are designed to offer experiences for all ages and are divided into local, regional and cross-border levels which reach a length of up to 192km…


Peja is known as a not very big city, but it is a very attractive city and offers a beautiful environment through which the river runs along the center, while the mountain crowns which lie in the western part of the city create its attractive landscape.

Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata is also an activity that offers experience and adrenaline and is highly demanded by visitors who visit Peja. This activity is performed on the rocks, but you are insured all the time and your climbing will be carried out through the stairs placed on these rocks. At present in Peja- Rugova Gorge, a total of 5 Via Ferrata


This activity in Peja has started to take place since 2002 in the Rugova Gorge. More than 60 climbing lines are open with a length of 10 to 200m, while their difficulty ranges from 5a to 8a +.


Speleology is an activity that in Peja has started to develop quite early and has a great experience in this regard both in cave research and the leadership of tourist groups

Flying over the city of Peja

Flying over the city of Peja is a completely different experience from other recreational experiences offered in the city of Peja. Experiencing Peja from the ground is a unique experience but experiencing it from the air is an experience that will always remain in your memories.

Zip Line

Zip Line is a recreational activity which takes place with a flight through sliding on metal wire at different lengths and at different heights. Zip Line in Peja, known as Marimangat (Spiders), is located in the picturesque Rugova Gorge or exactly at the 4th kilometer from Peja to the Rugova Gorge. It has a length of 640m ...

Skiing and snowshoeing

In addition to Peja which during the winter is covered with snow and particularly the nights that become an attraction for citizens and visitors is the mountainous area of ​​Rugova which offers the most beautiful experiences for all those who visit Peja and especially for fans of skiing and walking in snow.

Museui Pejes

Peja Museum

The place where culture and tradition preserve their value for centuries and…

oldmuseum of pejamuzeum

Attractive Peaks of Peja

Guri i Kuq (Red Rock) is the highest peak in the municipality of Peja which reaches an altitude of 2522m (8275ft) and at the same time is the most attractive peak in Peja in which the climb is carried out in all seasons by mountaineers and climbers from all over Kosovo but also from the region and Europe. It is located in the central part of the Accursed Mountains or in the south-west of the Peja Mountains. For all those who want to conquer this peak they should plan their activity to start early in the morning so that your walk is not fast and you have enough time to experience the fascinating natural beauty that this part of Peja mountains offers. The peak of Guri i Kuq is the crown of Peja so the views offered from the peak are stunning and you can almost see the Accursed Mountains at 360°.  read more >>

(the Peak of Çfërle) is ranked among the most spectacular and attractive mountain peaks of Peja (it is also the most beautiful peak in the territory of the Accursed Mountains. This peak reaches an average height of 2461m (8074ft) and is the second highest peak in the municipality of Peja. It is located on the southwest side of Peja and together with the peaks of Kopranik, Peklena, Vjellak and the Peak of Hasan which are separated by the Rugova Gorge create the crown of the mountains giving the city of Peja a stunning landscape which from the entrance of Peja create the mirror of experiences and adventures of wild nature. The views offered from the peak of Çfërle are stunning giving you the opportunity to see landscapes of the mountains of Deçan and Cursed Mountains in general, attractive peaks like Gjeravica 2656m and Marijashi 2530m, mountainous areas from Albania and Montenegro, while from the direction east you can experience the plain part of the entire Dukagjini plain, Lake of Radoniq, Sharr Mountains and up to the top of Ljuboten, which is located on the border with northern Macedonia. The beauty of this peak and the magnificent view of this rock massif can be best experienced from the mountains of Deçan. read more>>

HAJLA:Located in the north-west of Peja or north of the mountainous region of Rugova, the peak of Hajla which reaches an altitude of 2403m (7884ft) is one of the most enchanting and attractive peaks to conquer in all seasons. At the same time the climb to this peak is realized by many mountaineering groups which are organized by mountaineering associations but also other societies as well as nature lovers from Kosovo but also international ones who travel on the cross-border trails Balkan Peaks, Via Dinarica and Accursed Mountains Experience while professional climbers who aim to conquer the world's highest peaks perform exercises on this peak in order to achieve physical fitness. This peak shares the border with the municipality of Rozaje in Montenegro, so its occupation is carried out by many mountaineers and mountaineers on the Montenegrin more>>

The peak of Vjellak or the path number 7166 is part of the mountain ranges which create the crown of the city of Peja and is one of the most attractive peaks for walking. At the same time to reach this path you have to follow the road of the panorama that passes the serpentine road through the hills in the Black Peak. It lies in the North-west of the city with a length of 13.3km and an altitude of 2014m (6608ft) while the duration of the walk can be calculated from 3 to 4 hours. The views that this trail offers are magnificent and offer the beauty of landscapes from the Cursed Mountains and the Sharr Mountains, the mountainous parts from Albania and Montenegro to the plain lands of the Dukagjini plain. read more >

The Peak of Hasan is also a very attractive peak which is located in the northern part of the city of Peja. The part of the rocky site which is seen from the city of Peja makes this peak even more attractive and stimulates the curiosity of many mountaineers and visitors to realize the climb. read more>>

Rusolia Mountain is one of the attractive mountains of Kosovo which lies in the northern part of Peja on the border with Montenegro. The highest point of this mountain is the peak with the same name as "The Peak of Rusolia" and is ranked on the peaks that reach an altitude of over 2000m. Rusoli's highest point reaches an altitude of 2381m (7815ft). read more>>

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Austro Hungarian cemetery


Judo national training center "ippon"


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Trophies won by the Municipality

World Travel &Tourism Council

The "Balkan Peaks" trail, a long distance walk between Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo, is one of the last hiking adventures in Europe. This transnational trail leads 192 km through one of the most remote and wild mountainous regions of the Western Balkans.

Model Municipalities of the European Green Belt

Peja is known as the greenest city in Kosovo which is surrounded on all sides by a green mountain and plain environment, but even within the city there are many green parks and oases where its citizens spend their time. So this shows that the environment is one of the most important issues for the Municipality of Peja, therefore in the Municipal Development Plan is known by the slogan "Peja Green and Vital City". For this, it is always working towards the protection of the unique nature it has and its promotion as an opportunity for the development of sustainable tourism. For this reason, the European Green Belt Association in 2018 has evaluated the municipality of Peja as a "Model Municipality" for the protection and support of environmental projects for the Balkan part.

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