Zip Line

To perform this activity you do not need to have great physical strength or strong muscles, all you need is a psychic preparation to convince yourself that you will perform this activity and experience adrenaline and unforgettable adventures and full of adrenaline in your life.

The Zip Line is a recreational activity which takes place with a flight through sliding on metal wire at different lengths and at different heights. Zip Line in Peja, known as Marimangat (Spiders), is located in the picturesque Rugova Gorge or exactly at the 4th kilometer from Peja to the Rugova Gorge. It has a length of 640m while the flight is done at an altitude of up to 60m from the ground while the speed of your flight will reach speeds of up to 80km/h. What makes your flight even more attractive are the panoramic views where the flight passes between the two rocky parts of the Rugova Gorge as below you runs the river Lumbardhi which originates from the beautiful mountains of Rugova.

This product has been developed to be in line with the activity of Via Ferrata. What makes it unique is that from Via Ferrata Marimangat where you have to cross the Tibetan bridge and walk along the cliffs at an altitude of 300m to reach the Zip Line product from where you then experience the release into the air reaching the other point of the Rugova Gorge from where you can choose one of the other 3 via ferrata to continue your experience. So, it is a product of adventure tourism which has created a good connection of gorge activities enabling you to cross 5km gorge only in the air. It is very rare and there is almost no place in the Balkans but also Europe where you can find a more compact design of adventure activities and experience the Gorge through the combination of these activities.