How to get to Peja?

Kosovo is situated in Southeastern part of Europe or in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. It is the youngest state in the region declared in 2008 becoming the last breakaway part of the former Yugoslavia. It borders with the state of Albania, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. The population of Kosovo is 1.8 million, whereas its territory is 10,880km2. Peja ranks among the largest cities in Kosovo with 100,000 inhabitants and is situated in the north-west of Kosovo. It is an easily accessible city thanks to its location and the creation of good transport infrastructure. To reach Peja you can use transport according to convenience and price that suits you best.

Travel by plane is accomplished through the international airport of Prishtina "Adem Jashari" which is located 10km away from the capital of Prishtina or 70km away from the tourist destination of Peja. For more information you can see

From the airport to reach the city of Peja you can do it in two ways:

  • With a taxi that you can get at the airport or before your arrival, contact the taxi in Peja, which can offer you a transport service with great convenience.
  • With the public bus circulates from the airport to the main bus station in the Pristina capital and then takes the bus to the city of Peja. The bus to the city of Peja departs from Peron number 1 while watching the travel schedule at the or airline - Prishtina Line Hate at aeroportline traveling with planes

Train travel is also one of the possibilities you can use to reach the city of Peja and where you will be able to enjoy the fascinating panorama of nature and the beauty of authentic villages. Train circulation is extended to regional and local levels such as:

  • Regional connection Prishtina-Skopje (Northern Macedonia) from where you can then travel to other countries of the world.
  • While in circulation within Kosovo is functional, the line Prishtina - Peja which takes place twice a day and the journey lasts 2 hours. From the station to reach the city centre you can take a taxi or even on foot as only 15 min walk you are away from the centre. For more information visit us.

Bus travel operates daily from the countries surrounding Kosovo as well as from other European countries, while the connection of the destination of Peja with other cities within Kosovo works very well.

Car travel is the most developed transport in Kosovo. Kosovo is also ranked as a country with the best road infrastructure compared to bordering countries where it has built a system of highways that connect bordering countries with Kosovo and connect cities within Kosovo in order to create easier traffic and more suitable for both its residents and tourists. Access by road transport in Kosovo can be done through border crossings as follows:

North Macedonia:The entrance can be made through the border point of "Hani i Elezit" from where then you have to follow the highway to Prishtina and Peja.

Albania: Entry from Albania can be done through the border point "Qafa e Morinës" following the highway from Prizren-Prishtina - Peja, while through the border point "Çaf-Thanë" you can reach through Junik-Deçan - Peja.

Montenegro: The entrance from Montenegro is from the border point of "Kulla" which is located in the north of Peja and is only 30km away from the city of Peja.

Serbia: Entry through the state of Serbia is done at the crossing point of "Merdare" where then you have to follow the highway of Pristina and Peja.


Necessary Information

Visas and entry into Kosovo

Most countries in the world do not apply the visa regime for tourists visiting Kosovo, but be sure to ensure the information online on the website of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo or ask for information at the Kosovo Embassies located at the nearest point of your country.

Embassies in the world:: In the link below you can find Kosovo Embassies and their contacts in different countries of the world.

List of the countries that do not need to be equipped with visas to visit Kosovo

Official languages

Languages ​​that are officially spoken in Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian. Depending on the municipality, Bosnian, Turkish and Roma languages ​​are also spoken.

Currencies and Banks

The official currency in Kosovo is the Euro, so all of you who have other currencies should exchange them onto Euros in the banks or at certain points where the exchange of currencies (Exchange) takes place, as in other shops or places do not accept other currencies. Working hours in all banks that provide services are 08:00 to 17:30. All commercial banks have ATM/s throughout Kosovo that can be used with international debit and credit cards.


In Kosovo there are generally 15 state holidays where during these days state institutions do not work. Below is the link to find the list of holidays.

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Information Points

The Center for Tourist Information was opened at the initiative of the Directorate for Economic Development of the Municipality of Peja, in order to better and more comprehensive information of local and international citizens and tourists on tourism products offered by Peja with tourism entities operating in its territory.

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