Guri i Kuq (Red Rock)

Guri i Kuq (Red Rock)

Guri i Kuq (Red Rock) is the highest peak in the municipality of Peja which reaches an altitude of 2522m (8275ft) and at the same time is the most attractive peak in Peja in which the climb is carried out in all seasons by mountaineers and climbers from all over Kosovo but also from the region and Europe. It is located in the central part of the Accursed Mountains or in the south-west of the Peja Mountains. For all those who want to conquer this peak they should plan their activity to start early in the morning so that your walk is not fast and you have enough time to experience the fascinating natural beauty that this part of Peja mountains offers. The peak of Guri i Kuq is the crown of Peja so the views offered from the peak are stunning and you can almost see the Accursed Mountains at 360°. Attractive peaks like Gjeravica 2656m and Marijashi 2530m, Çfërla 2461 etc. are some attractive sights that you can experience while the ranges of Accursed Mountains and Shari which stretch one after the other with their crowns give you real pleasure with full spiritual feelings.

Climbing to this peak can be carried out in three directions: Lake Path, Drelaj Lake Path or Lumbardh Mountain Path. All three paths are very attractive and unique in terms of the experiences you will have during your walk. Walking to this peak is of medium difficulty (so there is no great difficulty) and can be carried out by almost all ages with a stable physical condition. The Lake trail is more unique than other trails and on this trail you will experience more natural attractions. This trail passes along the lake of Lakes and Drelaj which are located at an altitude of 1860m to then continue the climb along the trail Lugu i Shkodrës which is known as an area where in the distant past traded caravans from Ragusa (today's Dubrovnik) to Shkodra to Peja and beyond. At the same time, the cross-border paths "Balkan Peaks" and "Via Dinarica" ​​cross this path, which are now international brands and many visitors from all over the world experience these beauties during their walk.  

Groove of Shkodra is part of the lake path that connects the mountains of Peja with those of Deçan and Plava. Apart from being an attractive natural part, it has its national history as part of the connection of the mountainous areas between the territories of the Accursed Mountains villages between Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. It has been a connecting road of trade caravans and a connection between the Albanian populations in these mountainous areas. The same in the part of the tourist village Thethi is located "Çafa e Pejës" (Saddleback of Peja), which shows that once these places were key points for the connection of the population between them..

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