Peja is known as a not very big city, but it is a very attractive city and offers a beautiful environment through which the river runs along the center, while the mountain crowns which lie in the western part of the city create its attractive landscape. Access to this city is easy, but what made this city more attractive is the opportunity the use of bike for all ages to visit the various cultural and natural heritage sites which are intertwined and as a heritage of separates this city by giving it special values ​​in Kosovo in terms of tourist importance.

The cycling offer in Peja is expended in three levels:

City offer is a trip through the history of Peja, where visitors can cross the trail which contains 14 points of cultural heritage. At present in Peja is created a good infrastructure for orientation and in the city are located signals for cultural heritage so your journey will be easy but also very attractive learning a little bit of the ancient history of Peja and the periods in which this city has gone through. In addition to the cultural trail, visitors can also enjoy the nearby parts such as the Rugova Gorge, the Health Trail or by spending time in the Karagaq Park, which is a very attractive park.

Mountain offer is also very attractive. I can start from the city of Peja to continue along the Rugova Gorge which is under protection because of its natural values, to continue to Rugova Mountains or even in the mountain territory in the municipalities of the region. This offer is beautiful for mountain bicycle fans and offers suitable paths to spend a day or even one week through the Rugova Mountains and the Nemuna Mountains. The mountain bicycle is now the offer that connects the paths between Kosovo and Montenegro as they are known Accursed Mountain Experience offering unique experiences.

Lands Offers is a very attractive offer combined between town and villages and offers a lot of adventures. It offers opportunities to visit several municipalities in the western region of Kosovo and at the same time your experiences will be complemented by visits to the heritage of this region and experiencing the beauties of the villages in the remote areas of Kosovo through which you will pass. These trails are designed creating the connection of 6 municipalities in the Dukagin region and at the same time are recreational trails which are offered for all ages but also for families. The paths are designed to pass through local roads which have no traffic congestion and are very attractive in terms of biodiversity.