As far as the overall transport organizing in Kosovo is concerned, especially in Peja, even though we can not compare it with the European Standards it is very functional, and you can reach Peja with almost all kinds of transport and to continue from Peja towards other parts of Kosovo.

To enter Kosovo through regional motorways you can use these border crossings:

Macedonia: Through the “Hani i Elezit” border crossing, following the regional Dual Carriage motorway to Prishtina and Peja, or through “Globoqica” border crossing through regional dual carriage way of Prizren – Gjakova - Peja

Albania: The Border crossing “Qafa e Morines” following the motorway towards Prishtina – Peja or regional dual carriage way to Prizren – Gjakova – Peja, and through the “Çaf-Thana” border crossing you can reach Peja through Junik.

Montenegro: “Kulla” border crossing situated in the north of Peja is only 30 km from the city of Peja

Air Transport: 70 km from the city of Peja you’ll find Prishtina International Airport where you’ll find taxi services to Peja or for more information on reaching Peja from the airport please visit

Reaching Peja by rail is another opportunity to be used. It is a functional line of Skopje – Prishtina – Peja route. For more information please visit

Buss transport is very functional, you’ll find number of daily bus routes that operates from all countries that border with Kosovo as well as all European countries.