The region of Rugova Mountains stretches in the North-West of Peja town. Cover an area of 32.492,96 hectares, including 13 villages and it is one of the mountain regions which belong to the Accursed Mountains with its great natural resources. The beauty of this mountain region is introduced by Rugova Canyon which begins only 2km from the town and has a length of 12 km. The river Lumbardhi which is created from the wells collected in different parts of Rugova with a length of 56km and rapid intensity of flow it separates the Canyon into two parts and create magnificent view of colossal rocks reaching the peak up to 2000m, waterfalls and caves. Almost all over the area of Rugova Mountains you may encounter the hidden miracles under the mountain wilderness of flora. There are 2 beautiful lakes located in 1860m above the sea place called Liqenati i Kuqishtes, two waterfalls in village Reka e Allages, rich flora and fauna which is dispersed allover the region and the beauty of landscape which may be viewed from the different parts of these mountain. Nowadays this mountainous region is visiting more and more people in Kosovo not only to stay in nature but also to perform recreational activities. This region now is well known also as tourism destination where visitors from different countries come specifically to visit the beauty that this mountain region offers and spend time in the great environment which still is very wild.


Most of the treasure which are fanatically protected by the inhabitants of this area influence that this region have a rich and diversity of flora and fauna. There are more than 375 species of plant identified in Rugova Mountain depending on climate, stretching and height level.
Amongst the most important of the plants in this area is Alpine Star and Forsythia European which is found in Gubavci. Also the existing fauna in this mountain region is quite rich but concentrated in certain places. As the most characteristic animal we can mention brown bear, wild roosted, lynx, brown eagle etc.


Old cooking tradition is still present almost in each local house in this mountain region. Also this traditional food you can find in the restaurants which offering for many different visitors who stop for daily or weekend stays. Traditional food of Rugova is very specific and characterized this region as on of the region with richest menu for gastronomy. The most preferable food from the Rugova region menu are: Cooked milk cream, corn bread, krylan ( a sort of pie), flija ( an traditional pie with layers and milk cream) and also the other foods which is still prepared by woman’s in this mountain region.