Welcome to Peja

Discover Peja – True beauty

Dear visitors of Peja. Welcome to the city of Peja – where you can always experience the beauties of culture and nature, in a city that is known as "Green and Vital City".
The city has extraordinary history, richest cultural heritage, great natural potentials, and the city that will always offer you something new and completely original.
Touristic town of Peja mixes the beauty of the past and the opportunities of the present with all the services and facilities that a modern traveler seeking different and original tourist attractions.
If you are looking for ideal accommodations, authentic traditional gourmet food with all it’s delicacies, cultural heritage, modern sports facilities, great nightlife and attractive programs in nature for treking and skiing, rock climbing etc, you have chosen the right destination for recreation, sport and entertainment.
Peja is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kosovo, (and not by chance) Today Peja is part of the world tourist map as a tourist destination where its crowned with the first world prize as Destination Stewardship of " Tourism for Tomorrow" by WTTC "World Travel and Tourism Concil."


Peja Municipality - Kosovo / Peja

Postal Code: 30000

Tel: +381 (0) 39 423 949

Email: pejatourism@yahoo.com ; pejatourism@hotmail.com